The Two-fer, #1

Saturday night dinner, Sunday morning pack up and out the door to the mountains. A few scenic stops, lunch, to his condo. Long evening talk by the fire with wine and pizza.

Quickie on the floor before going up to bed. He pushed me on my back, slid my shorts to the side and then plunged into me.

He slept on the lower floor and I in the master on the third floor owing to his snoring that had been keeping me awake the past two nights.

In the morning I woke to a soft yellow sunrise over the mountains. I stared at it motionless deep under the blankets, my head on the pillow facing away from the bedroom door. He crept up the stairs and slid under the covers not knowing I was awake.

He pressed his hard cock against my ass, and I responded with a deep inhale and arch of my back. I turned over and pressed my chest against his. He kissed my neck. I pulled him closer to me. Our legs intertwined while the rhythm of our hips moved us like a wave.

He jumped up and grabbed the purple toy. “I think this was your favorite,” he said with a smile. I took it with my right hand, threw off the blankets, positioned myself on my back, spread my legs and held it with a steady vibrate against the right side of my clit.

He lay on his left side and pushed himself into me, his upper thighs and lower abs slamming against my ass.

I barely feel him as I concentrate on myself. Close my eyes and think about my own pleasure, feeling the vibration moving through my clit and lips. Images of porn again come dancing through my head.

A woman is on all fours with a hard cock sliding deeply in and out of her mouth. Another man fucks her from behind. I watch her tightly pursed lips and closed eyes. I see the man from behind grab her thighs and hips. His pounding her sends her forward deeper down on the other man’s cock.

I climax hard, throw the toy to the side, grab his thigh and push him into me as hard as possible. I ride at the top of my orgasm, calling out loudly. He follows me quickly.

In the afternoon, we make our way back to the city for my flight home.

Both Denver and I had been texting other people freely over the weekend. One of mine included The Architect, who wanted to meet up with me after my plane landed in Oakland.



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