Over the holiday break, I went to visit my family back east in New Jersey. Now that I’m single, I was looking forward to seeing Diamonds. We’ve known each other for years since he works for my brother-in-law in his bail bonds business. My sister and brother-in-law throw a big bash at their house every year on New Years Day. During this all day affair, I always manage to spend as much time as possible talking to him, trying not to raise too much suspicion since for every year up until the last I had a boyfriend. This year it was on, and the time we spent together will go down as one of the most magical and romantic sexual experiences I have ever had.

39, 6′, 315 lbs, a big guy but works out and is solid as shit, half black-half Italian, the color of creamy melted milk chocolate, bright green eyes (yes fucking green!), big soft lips, wide smile, a sensitive teddy bear, besides working for my brother-in-law he also designs and sells jewelry on the side, mostly diamonds.

I was busy in the kitchen cooking for the nearly 100 party guests when he arrived. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I wanted to go running up to him and give him a big hug and kiss. I needed to keep it on the DL since my whole family was present. I put down the knife and went over, reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck tight. I gave him a quick peck on his cheek. I really wanted to feel his big soft lips on mine.

He smelled like a dream with a rustic, manly cologne that was also soft. He was well-dressed, as usual, in jeans, dark blue suede boots, a red and blue plaid button-down and a jean jacket. He had a tweed cap to keep his bald head warm in the cold New Jersey winter.

After I served all the food, the evening became a tipsy blur of talking to people and dancing with my sister and nieces, but I always managed to find my way back to Diamonds. I went outside to where a bunch of men were smoking cigars because I wanted to be close to him the whole night.

He gave me his jean jacket to wear while about ten of us huddled in a circle outside smoking and cracking jokes. I leaned in and took a great big inhale of the jacket to smell his cologne.

We flirted with each other and laughed the whole night.

When he left with one of the other guys that works for my brother-in-law too, I drunk texted him that I didn’t want him to go.

“We could have had some late night fun! ;)”

“I know! I’m sorry…I didn’t drive. Sucks. I didn’t want to leave. I was looking forward to seeing you for days leading up to the party. You looked absolutely beautiful and when you hugged me, I never wanted to let you go.”

“Awww, thanks babe! So nice…ok, gotta pass out now…lol!”

I left for a short trip to Richmond a few days later. When I posted my activities on FB, he texted me.

“I didn’t know you were going to Richmond. I thought you weren’t leaving NJ until the 9th.”

“Just down here for a few days to visit friends.”

“I want to see you again before you leave. I was hoping to whisk you away for the day tomorrow since I have off. When will you be back?”

“Day after tomorrow. I def want to see you again. Can’t wait a whole other year! What about Friday or Saturday?”

I arrived back to New Jersey on Friday morning. There was a dusting of snow, but the prediction of six more inches the following day. Friday night we couldn’t connect because of respective family obligations.

I woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland, and me, my sister, brother-in-law and two nieces were snowed in. Diamonds actually went into the bail bonds office despite the crazy weather.

“It’s ridiculous I’m here. I’m gonna ditch and get us a hotel room down the street from you.”

“Ok, I’ll pick up liquor and snacks. Tell me the room number when you have it and I’ll take off.”

At this point the snow was coming down heavy. Four inches was already on the ground and the trucks hadn’t been out to plow yet.

That wasn’t the only challenge. What was I supposed to tell my family that would make any sense as to why I was going out in a blizzard?

My mind was racing.

Nervously, I walked into the kitchen and abruptly announced I was meeting an old high school friend at the bar down the street. I was halfway out the door before my sister replied with a puzzled, “Ok.”

I scraped off the car, got it warm, and drove off slowly. A slight hill getting out of the neighborhood spun the tires of the old Nissan sedan I was borrowing from my stepdad.

I got on to the 4-lane highway gently. Going a mere 30 mph, I drove the five miles to the hotel. Stopped for two bottles of cava and a six pack from the liquor store, and potato chips and jerky from a gas station that was the only food-type store I could find along the route that was still open.

I pulled in to the hotel parking lot and he was waiting for me in his car. He helped me with the bags and took my arm to help me across the snow-covered sideway leading to the back hotel entrance.

My heart was beating out of my chest at this point. He looked amazingly sexy. Puffy coat, navy blue collared sweater, dark jeans, plaid pub cap, brown boots, light green eyes melting me in the elevator.

We got into room 243, dropped the bags, and took off our coats and shoes. I popped the cava. He was already chatting me up hard when we sat on the couch with our wine. My mouth was frozen shut. I couldn’t believe I was about to do what I was about to do. A man I had known for years, flirted with, laughed with, wanted to fuck was right here for the taking after all that time.

He kept asking me why I wasn’t talking. Without a word, I just leaned in to his big, soft lips. I felt like he swallowed me whole. I grabbed the back of his smooth head and pressed in hard. His tongue played in my mouth. His hands ran over my jeans.

“I want to taste you.”

He grabbed me by the ankles and slid me on to my back on the L portion of the couch. I unbuckled my belt bucket, unzipped and he reached in grabbing the tops of my jeans and sliding them down to reveal the tattooed garden planted on my hips.

He grabbed my ass from underneath and put his head between my thighs. His tongue lapped my clit soft and slow. My back arched. I grabbed my hair and closed my eyes.

He took me to the brink.

Then paused and put one hand under my knees and the other under my back, lifted me off the couch as if I was a feather, carried me across the room, and gently placed me on the bed.

He pushed my knees open and buried his face again. I came hard, fast, quick.

Rubbing my thighs and tits, he watched me twitch and squirm as I came down from my high.

“Smoke break?”

I replied affirmatively, but with shock that he didn’t want to just ram his cock in me. No doubt reading my face, he replied.

“I want this to last a long time…I brought you something.”

He went to his bag and retrieved a red and grey hoodie.

“For you. Smell it.”

I took a big inhale and the flood of the familiar scent from his jean jacket at the party filled my brain. I exhaled and melted.

I put it on over my naked body. Windows open, cold air blasting in, heat blasting from the ceiling, we drank our cava and smoked a cigarette. I sat on the floor by the window while he sat nearby on the couch naked. We exchanged family and growing up stories. I moved in closer to view some pictures on his phone with my arms around his thick calf.

After we finished the cigarette, he leaned in to kiss me. I reached up to put my hands around his head. He bent down and scooped me up off the ground and back to the bed.

He straddled me, as I lay on my stomach, and lathered his hands with lotion. The slick liquid and his firm hands slid up and down my back, over my ass and on to my thighs. When he moved up my back, he leaned in and pressed his chest against my skin, lips against the back of my neck. I let out a gasp.

He turned me over on to my back, lifted my legs together by the ankles with one hand and slid his cock smoothly into me. I let out another gasp. He felt amazing inside me.

He held my ankles to his left side. I looked right into his eyes.

“You feel fucking amazing…you feel so good…”

He vibrated inside of me.

Then he pulled out.

“Not yet.”

We sat up on the bed, filled our glasses, turned up the music and got out the snacks.

Some fun music came on and I got up to dance.

“You love to be naked, don’t you?!”

He got up too and we danced to hip hop, pop, and Latin music while talking, laughing, drinking, touching each other’s naked bodies.

Skin to skin got intense. While he was standing in the middle of the room, I dropped to my knees, took his balls in my hand, and his hard cock in my mouth. Now he let out a gasp.

I pushed him back to sit on the couch and continued. I moved my hand to his shaft, sliding up and down, in unison with my mouth bobbing over his head.

“Ride me.”

I straddled him with my arms around his neck. I thrusted up and back down pressing firmly downward to ensure he was as deep as possible in me.

He threw his arms around my waist, stood up while still inside me and carried me to the bed. He placed me down and asked me to turn on to my stomach. He pulled my hips up slightly and pressed himself back into me. I rode forward.

He leaned in with his hands planted on either side of me, stomach against my ass. I grabbed both of his wrists.

His thrusts became harder. I pulsed rhythmically forward. He came loudly with groans rather than words. He pulled out, I turned over and began to masturbate.

He ran his hands over my calves while he watched. With the image of a veiny cock being swallowed by a wet pussy on the back of my eyes, I screamed out as I came.

“That was so fucking hot!”

It was about seven hours later. We both talked about not wanting to go home.

We jumped in the shower for a quick rinse. With my back toward the water, he lathered my back, my ass, my thighs, my calves, my arms, my tits, my stomach. He hands sliding easily all over me. He pressed his chest and stomach to my back and ass and reached around for a gentle kiss on the lips.

It took us another hour to depart. We prevaricated by laying on the bed talking. Him on his stomach and me laying on top of him stomach down against his back – skin to skin. I rubbed his arms and he told me never to get up.

But alas we had to get dressed, and while I packed up, he went out into the cold and cleared my car of snow and ice.

We walked down, he swallowed me in his arms, gave me kisses all over my face, and put me in my car. He blew me a kiss delivering it as he pressed his hand to my car window. I backed out and drove away disappearing into the snow-filled night feeling as though I was riding a snowflake.

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