Not surprisingly, there is an app to find, let’s just say, alternative sex and relationships called Feeld. You create a profile just like you do on all the others. The difference is you peruse kinky singles and couples looking for everything from BDSM to unicorns to cuddling to public nudity and everything you can and can’t imagine in between.

I’ve been matched with all types of interesting people, but mainly have just chatted. I went on one date with a couple, which I shall describe in another post, but more recently I had a fun, super-charged sexting experience with a young couple that lasted one day.

With a couple’s profile, either the woman or man leads and you know this by whose name is first. In this case, it was Ann & Jason. The conversation started innocently enough.


“Hey, Ann, Happy Friday!”

“Happy Friday to you. So are you straight?”

“I am, but bi-curious. I’ve always been attracted to women, just only ever kissed them. I think you’re super cute.”

“Oh ok, and thank you. So you are 6′. Jason in 6’7″.”

“Yup, 6′. Are you married? Kids?”

“Yep, married with three kids.”

“Busy bees…where do you live? I’m in Napa.”

“San Anselmo in Marin. Would you worship Jason’s big (eggplant emoji)?”

Well…hello! That gave me pause to say the least! I had absolutely no idea how to respond. Worship?!? That’s quite strong language! At first I was like umm no, but then I thought who the hell cares. Let’s play this little game!

“I like to be sub so of course!”

“(His cell number) You should text Jason and tell him how much you want to worship his very long and very thick (eggplant emoji).”

Uhhh, mic drop…ok??

“Will do! Would he like a pic with it? I love to sext. I have a big library that’s always growing…what would he like?”

“Any and all I’m sure. You have creative license. I know you will be a good little slut.”

Can a mic be dropped twice??

“You’ve never had a girl call you a good little slut before huh?”

“Nope, but I like it!”

Ok, challenge accepted…and I needed to make it good! I typed his number into iMessage.

“Good morning Jason…I’m told you have a big thick cock for me to worship. Just the way this little slutty girl likes it.”

With that I sent a picture of me in my niece’s bright pink bedroom sitting on the bed, my ass against the wall legs running up it. I was wearing white knee high socks and a dress that fell on my stomach so just a hint of my white lace panties showed.

“Mmmmm, that’s hot.”

“Glad you like sir…”

“I do.”

“Is there something else you might like to see?”

“Everything please.”

“Everything is a big request. I love to sext and have an ever-growing library of pics…is it ok if I tease you a bit?”

“You may.

Next pic is me in a black coat with my jeans pulled down far enough to expose my stomach and left hip with my tats cascading over and around from my ass to pussy.

“That’s pretty. Tell me how you will worship my cock.”

“On my knees, your big thick cock sliding in my  mouth, staring up at you for approval.”

“And? Will I approve?”

“You’ll tell me just how you want it and praise me when I do a good job.”

“Let me see the face I will cum on.”

I send him a provocative picture of my face with a low cut dress.

“I’m down. Let me see more of your body. And are you like down and all as you gag on my cock?”

Umm, gag?? Even in a fantasy world I can’t get behind that. Ick! So I leave it at that, and let the question and our connection drift away. I haven’t heard from them again and who cares? That was super exciting and super fun, and well…a super great story to tell!




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