Wolverine: So Much Talk

Wolverines are shy and fierce as fuck. Muscular. Solitary. Flesh-eating carnivores. I wanted this Wolverine to eat me up the second he sent me a pic of his back.

Wolverine is tall, 6’2″, ripped as shit, pale with a goofy grin, a motorcycle, a weird ass stuffed animal collection and a day job as a computer nerd at the local university.

I melted into the phone when I saw his back. So fucking tight. Muscles popping. A woman needs at least one of those type of men in her life. Well I do, at least. Just flesh-eating carnivore.

But the detail that got my panties soaked was his tattoo. A series of abstract black lines and shapes folding over this right shoulder, draping down his upper back. I wanted him to lift me up off the ground, put my pussy right into his face and hold me up with those big biceps while he eats it.

Owing to his shyness, we talked pleasantries for way too many days before we made a date. He decided to ride his motorcycle out to meet me at a local restaurant in my town.

High table. Low light. Wine and small bites. I drove the conversation. He drove me crazy after he took off his plated leather motorcycle jacket. His baggy long sleeve left too much to my imagination. I wanted to see muscley bumps and hard curves bulging out.

But that innocent smile, short black hair I longed to grab a fist full of, and flirty shyness kept my attention. I am definitely hanging on to get him behind closed doors to see how fierce this Wolverine could become.

We walked around downtown a bit before we came to his motorcycle. Such a G-rated, pleasant date. I knew I had to make the first move.

After he zipped up his jacket, and with helmet in hand, I moved in. Put my left hand on his chest, leaned up and in, and put his bottom lip between mine. Wet, soft, full. I slowly pulled my lips away, and then got what I wanted. He grabbed my back with his empty hand, flat hand pressed me hard into him. He drove his tongue into my mouth, and our lips moved frantically together. There’s that fucking fierceness!

I felt his cock get hard, pressing into my upper thigh, and my panties get wet. I am definitely going to get him to fuck me on his motorcycle one day. But for tonight, I was just left with a nice make-out sess, wet panties and blue balls.

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