There is a very strange phenomenon I’ve noticed about myself in the last few years – the morning after a heavy night of drinking, enough that I feel the hangover effects, I’m horny. Anyone else?? Such a weird development – I guess my brain just wants the fun to continue!

On this particular morning, my body wanted to move slow, get back into bed and binge the day away, but I had a full work schedule. My brain, on the other hand, wanted a hard cock. Nerdie had already headed out to work and besides I had no time for elaborate sex routines – I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! Ok, really would the world fall apart if I was five minutes late? I’ll just speed faster than I usually do or something.

I was already dressed and fully ready to walk out the door, but I went to the bedroom and closed the door instead. It felt naughty…which was turning me on even more. I was in a sundress and sandals so I kicked off the shoes, climbed into bed, fluffed the pillows, pulled up the dress and down with the panties.

I looked down at my pussy, spread my lips and could see my clit was already swollen. One of my favorite moves to tease myself is to use my right index finger and tap gently on my clit. The feeling of the slightest stickiness as my finger pulls away from my clit drives my crazy. But no time for too much teasing today plus I was exceptionally worked up into a ferocious frenzy.

I love to watch sex in general – in real life, in porn – so watching my right index and middle fingers (which I have recently, affectionately named Two Finger Tommy) press into my clit and rub in a circular motion round and round was going to get the job done pretty quick.

But this time it wouldn’t be enough. My pussy wanted a hard cock bad.

A number of years ago I bought a Nerdie-sized silicone dildo to take with me on work trips. It doesn’t vibrate. It’s not purple or striped or camouflage. It doesn’t have a clit stimulator attached. It’s just a perfectly wonderful, accurate replica – tan flesh colored, healthy length, heathy girth with just the right amount of realistic veiny-ness, firm and a bit more flexible than the real deal.

I went to the bottom drawer of my dresser and sifted through the ziploc bags of sexy costumes and lingerie. SN (Silicone Nerdie) was at the bottom back of the drawer and my brain lit up when my eyes locked on to him.

I jumped back in to bed and pushed him right inside all the way to the end. I was surprised how soaking I was since I had only been touching my clit up until then. I pulled SN out and repeatedly jammed him inside as fast and as hard as I could. It felt magical, with a side of pain, as the tip slammed against the top of my pussy.

I stopped ramming myself, but left SN inside while I went back to my clit. I didn’t want to cum too fast, but I had to cum fast. I slowed down the progression of my orgasm by awkwardly trying to pump him in and out while rubbing my clit, which only distracted me slightly.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and stopped sliding SN back and forth, but just left him all the way inside again. Tommy was amazing that day – his perfect pressure on the side of my clit with the right speed of circular motion had me screaming expletives in a matter of seconds. I tensed, squeezed my right tit with my left hand to the brink of pain, and exploded. A few tight convulsions and then my body relaxed.

A wave of calm, satisfaction and pleasure washed over me. Now I really wanted to stay in bed under the covers and binge all day.

I leaned forward and pulled out SN. The shaft was wet with little bubbles from all the vigorous fucking I did to him and as the tip pulled out, a string of wet followed. I turned him head side up and quickly ran to the bathroom to clean him up before it dripped on the floor.

I gave him a quick bath in the sink, towel dry and back in the drawer. Panties up, sandals on and out the door with a clearer, fulfilled mind.

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