Scandi: Finger in Butt, Condom in Face

The day after The BJ, I invited Scandi over to my place despite being nervous about being date raped in my own apartment. I had a bad gut feeling, but the danger was intriguing, attractive somehow.

Would you like a surprise when you arrive?

I would.

Ok, I’ll leave the front door open for you. Just come up the stairs and come in…

I was naked in a bubble bath in my jacuzzi tub lit only by candles.

I heard him open the door, stop, walk back toward the bedroom, turn and see me in the bath.

Oh I like you. I REALLY like you.

He took off his clothes in record speed and jumped in to the bath with me. I laid on top of him and we made out a bit while he ran his hands over my soapy, wet ass.

I stopped, got up and sat on the edge of the tub to change the song. He took the opportunity to slide his index finger part way up my butt. I turned around and smiled. It turned me on.

We played around in the bath for awhile. Joked. Laughed. Fondled. Kissed. Grabbed. Spread my pussy out over his thigh. Rubbed up and down.

Shoved my left tit in his mouth. His two big hands spread over my ass cheeks with a firm grip.

It got hot.

We rinsed, dried off, got in to bed and immediately got a condom on him so he was ready.

It was hot.

I laid on my back and started playing with my clit. He stroked himself and watched. Then couldn’t wait.

He moved in closer and slid himself inside me.

I bent my knees and pressed them against his sides. He reached around with both hands to grab my ass.

I was really turned on, and didn’t want to give up having an orgasm.

I used my bent thighs and pushed him back just a little so I could get access again to my clit with my fingers.

I felt him trying to push back in. I tried to maintain enough clearance between his body and my clit so I could keep touching myself. It was becoming frustrating.

Apparently, for both of us.

He jerked back. Pulled off the condom and threw it in my face.

What the fuck?!?

I wanted to touch myself.

You had plenty of space.

Not really true, but I was super shocked, and became quite scared in that moment. A 6’4″ guy in my bed that I barely knew, and he’s pissed off about sex.

I certainly didn’t want to escalate the situation by getting angry or kicking him out at that exact second.

I played it off to try and diffuse the situation. Made a joke about trying again…wake me up with a hard cock in a few hours?? He calmed down. We talked about other stuff for awhile and went to sleep.

In the morning, I let him shower and he left in a joking, jovial mood.

I never texted him again. I bought pepper spray.

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