Prison Dyke: The Climax

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Napa. Running errands, working on my batch of Limoncello. I made plans to meet a girlfriend for a drink after she got off work in the early evening.

I had profiles on Tinder, Feeld, Bumble, POF, and Ok Cupid. With the latter, I set my profile to only look for women. On the advice of a lesbian friend, I replaced the pic of me with a shot gun (girls don’t like guns??) with a black and white heat shot where just a small piece of hair fell right in to the corner of my mouth.

I receive a message at about 3PM.

She was 4’11”, half white and half Filipino. Short spiky hair. Loose boy clothes. Soft dark skin. Muscular build. Shy. Quiet. Nervous. Paranoid.

“So, how are you?”

“Howdy lady! I’m good, enjoying the sun and getting errands done. How are you?”

“I am relaxing and enjoying my peaceful state. What type of exploration do you want to do?”

“Lots of things I want to explore, but in particular I’ve always found women attractive, but only ever kissed or flirted…”

“You know there are different types of lesbians, right? What are you trying to get out of this experience you are craving?”

“I do thanks to my lesbian tattooist who I’ve been with for almost 10 years! LOL!

I’m looking to find a woman I click with who isn’t too set in her ways to try me…a total newbie. She can be gay or bi or bi-curious, like me. Just want someone easy going and laid back. I find I’m most attracted to boyish girls or at least not too girlie. So obviously I find you sexy…”

Her response to that was just her phone number.

“I like when the answer is your number!”

“What do you have planned for the night?”

“Going for a drink or two with a girlfriend shortly, then not sure.”

“Text me after, we can have a drink too, ok?”

“Sure that sounds cool. So what kind of women do you like? What do you find attractive about me?”

“Your innocence. Your curiosity is sexy. The way you are trying to stand on your own two feet and look at the world for yourself.”

We met around 10PM in Napa, and had a drink at a quiet bar. I was more talkative than usual because I had already had a few with my girlfriend and because she was so shy.

It was obvious she trained herself to lower her voice when she talked. I could feel her troubled existence through the words she chose and the stories she told. Worry about a bothersome neighbor. Worry about and also anger for her mom. Her mom was Filipino, never married her white dad. She had a half brother from her mom and a black man.

After two drinks, she said she was worried about driving back to Vallejo. But there was some obvious chemistry, so I could tell she didn’t want to go home. Even though I was feeling a little concerned about her lifestyle and mental state, I was also ready to jump at the chance to have a sexual experience with a woman.

I offered for us to go back to my place.

We walked to her beat up truck. Before she opened the car door for me, she gave a few dollars to a guy on the street. I could plainly see how full of heart, kind and sensitive she was.

We drove to the liquor store, came back to my place and sat out on the back patio. She emptied a tobacco wrapper of its tobacco and stuffed it full of weed. She drank Fireball and Coke. I smoked a cigarette and drank red wine.

I got cold and she took her jacket off to wrap around me.

After she pulled the jacket closed around me, she leaned in further and kissed me. Her lips were thin and soft.

When she sat back, she took my hand with her and placed it on the inside of her thigh. I was startled by its size. At her height, her cock went at least a third of the way down her leg.

She moved my hand over it, and I smiled nervously.

We brought everything back upstairs, and before I could do much cleaning up she grabbed me, spun me around, took the back of my head and stuck her tongue down my throat.

She pushed me from the kitchen into the bedroom. I just let her take over.

She told me to get on the bed and we kissed as she unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down my jeans. Her hand went immediately to my pussy, cupping the outside. Then she gently rubbed my lips up and down before putting two fingers inside and pushing up hard. It was a delightful surprise that made my back arch.

I quickly took off my top as she did. She removed her pants to reveal one of the largest cocks I’ve ever seen. She had on boxer briefs over the straps and her cock was protruding from the “fly.”  I was a little scared.

She rubbed it up and down between my pussy lips getting me more excited and wetter. Without warning on one trip moving back up, she thrust it in to me with full force.

My exhale was filled with both pleasure and pain at its size and depth inside me.

She buried her head in my neck and fucked me fast. I grabbed her back, her tits, her ass.

She ordered me to turn over on to my stomach, lie flat with my legs closed. She made the head board slam against the wall, and started getting herself off by gripping the shaft and rubbing the end attached to her over her clit while she fucked me.

She got tired, stopped, laid on her back and asked me to do reverse cowboy. Her cock felt like it was in my throat.

We switched back to missionary, and she closed her eyes and concentrated on giving herself an orgasm rubbing the base of her cock in circles over her clit while she fucked me. She came and collapsed on my chest. We both passed out.

In the morning, I woke up as the little spoon. She said she was going to go, but we talked and cuddled a little longer before she left.

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