Nerdie: The Christmas Present

Nerdie is appropriately named. What a sweetheart. Knowing I have no family to speak of on the West Coast, he invited me to eat both Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner with his.

On Friday, December 23, after “My First Kill,” I went to his company Christmas party. It’s a small business so maybe ten of us crowding around a few tables at a local brewery in Santa Rosa.

He got tipsy on vodka, and was even more talkative and adorable than usual.

We slept in. Planned to get brunch in Sebastopol and then do some last minute shopping for his mom.

Showered and getting ready, we couldn’t help but start with the grab assing. He laid me down on the edge of the bed so my legs hung off. On his knees, he grabbed my ass underneath and started gently licking my pussy.

As usual he licked me like a book (see “Nerdie: The City Adventure, Now” for that reference). I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t cum for a few days or because he’s just that fucking good or both, but it will go down as one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

My feet started burning while simultaneously my lower legs broke out in to a cold sweat.

He and I were in rhythm as he pulled back and forth on my ass with my hips in sync.

I came so fucking hard.

As it was reverberating through me, he quickly got up and plunged his hard, veiny cock inside me. Soaking wet, he slid in fast and deep.

I felt an explosion on the inside of my pussy like never before. It was like the flesh surrounding his cock was pulsing and my orgasm kept going and going.

I was screaming and moaning and on another planet.

He hit me harder with his thighs slamming against the outside of my pussy. It was feverish and fast and loud.

He came, and I was still coming down. He stopped, collapsed on my chest with his half-hard cock still inside me, and I twitched and jerked uncontrollably.

I let out the biggest sigh of pleasure I’ve ever known.

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