Nerdie & Princess Leia

If you pull out the bottom drawer of my dresser, you’ll see a curiously large number of ziploc bags each with different colored clothing in them. These are my sexy costumes and lingerie – not the ones you get at the Halloween stores that pop up every year in a super-sized empty strip mall store front, but from a proper online sex shop.

Nerdie loves me in costumes and good thing is, I love to dress up for him! We accumulated so many outfits that it was impossible to tell them apart, never mind tear them apart, when I wanted to wear one. The velcro of my school girl plaid skirt stuck to the cowgirl halter top. The long straps of my ninja costume that attach at the hip of the booty short onesie and wrap around each leg hopelessly intertwined with my French maid dress.

So organization by ziploc it was.

Nerdie’s favorite outfit by far is me as Princess Leia. He is nerdy after all.

It has only three pieces. A brown triangle bikini top with a sown-on gold pattern. A long brown pleated skirt with a slit on either side all the way up to the 5″ gold waistband. A gold choker with a plastic chain connected to a wristband.

My hair is only just below shoulder length, but I do my best making tiny little buns on each side of my head before sauntering out from the bedroom, wrapping my leg around the wall so Nerdie can see from the living room that I’m ready for him to take me back to his Tatooine prison.

On this episode of Return of the Jedi, I got into bed perched on my knees so Nerdie could see my thighs all the way up to my hips exposed from each side of the skirt. He walked through the bedroom door and I grabbed each tit and squeezed while looking him straight-faced and dead in the eye.

He jumped on the bed, put his left hand on my throat with a gentle squeeze and gave me a wide, open-mouthed kiss. He paused for a moment and told me to lay down at the top of the bed. He pushed my knees apart with his and leaned over to continue kissing me while pressing his hard cock against the outside of my vagina over the skirt. Rubbing back and forth, I lifted my legs so the pressure was directly on my clit.

With purpose and swiftness, he pushed my skirt to one side, slid down the bed and buried his face in my pussy. Using little more than the tip of his tongue, with a rapid flick, I could feel my clit swell and my hips start to move. I took just a moment to look down and see the sexy sight of his face just from the bridge of the nose up, arms wrapped around my thighs holding on to feel my rythmn.

He got me well under way and himself all worked up. He came up, pulled one of the triangles of bra material to the side and filled his mouth with my breast then tugged on the chain connecting the choker to my wrist. He sat up and with little warning plunged his cock into my wet pussy.

This is my favorite part.

I love watching his cock be buried inside of me. A quick withdrawal then his hard, wide, veiny specimen disappears repeatedly, over and over again, inside. The feeling at the entrance of my pussy tingles and the repetitive motion keeps me dripping.

His groaning and heavy breathing is barely louder than mine.

He pulls out to finish me off returning to eat my pussy. With all the excitement, it takes me no time to feel the build up of pressure in advance of my orgasm. I erupt in expletives and for a moment, two, a zillion years, I’m on another plane – out of body pleasure as my body jerks and spasms without warning.

He comes up, wipes his mouth with his arm and plunges right back in. I can feel the noticeable difference in how easily he slides in and out of me, pounding down so I take in his entire cock.

He quiets for a moment and I glance up to see a tremendous concentration in his furrowed brow.

Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound.

Explosion. Expletives. Collapse.

We spend a moment lying next to each other catching our breath. I noticed I had broken the chain of the choker to wrist component of the costume and there are love juices on my skirt and a wet patch on the bed.

We smile, cuddle, kiss, laugh and I’m so grateful to have such a satisfied and fulfilled sex life with my husband.

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