Nashville: Part 2

After my 150 minutes of sleep, I drug myself through the shower, into some new clothes, to breakfast with lots of black coffee and then to the conference by 7AM.

Since my client was selling to the attendees, I did not need to attend the conference sessions, but rather be available to talk to people during the breaks.

I slapped on a cheery smile and outgoing personality as people arrived before the first session of the day. Once they went in, I had 45 minutes on my own. I needed a place to nap pronto, but my hotel was too far away.

I wondered the furthest away from the conference and people as I could find. A women’s bathroom two floors up where no conference or meetings were happening.

Thankfully, there was a lounge area in the bathroom with a few chairs. I tried to get as comfortable as possible trying to get any amount of rest, but one unusual symptom of my hangover, in addition to the typical headaches and nausea, is that I get horny.

I can recall countless mornings after a bingeful night – sleeping late, rushing to get ready to go to work with a sloshy brain, and having to stop minutes before leaving the house, already running late, to masturbate. Somehow my brain could focus on an orgasm. Two to three minutes later, panties and wheels were up!

I couldn’t fall asleep because I needed to masturbate. Not exactly convenient at this time, but could not hold myself back.

Just in case someone walked in, I went into the last stall at the far end, pulled my panties down and sat my naked ass on my long dress on the floor.

I leaned back against the wall and with my left index and middle fingers spread my lips pulling the skin underneath taut and exposing my clit. With the opposite index and middle fingers I came in from my right and pressed into the side of my clit to trap it between my fingers and my pubic bone.

My mind went to Nashville and imagining watching his dark hard cock disappear between my legs, going in and out, seeing just the beginning of the bottom of his head before it plunges right back into me. His rhythm would get faster and harder as we both got more excited. The hard slap of bone on bone when he was all the way inside.

I could barely last a few minutes before my back arched, my legs closed around my right hand fingers, still rubbing vigorously up and down. My left hand moved between grabbing my mouth to muffle my heavy breathing and my neck, which allows me to hold the orgasm as long as possible.

Fuck I feel better. Fuck I have to get back!

I went back to the client booth just a few minutes before the session let out. I chatted away, then they went back in for another lecture.

“Well I’m at work now, 2 blocks away from my hotel. I can always get away though if you’re ever free with your gorgeous self.”

“Well they are in a session now until 10:30AM…”

“Are you free? Now?”

“Yeah, I could get away…”

“I have to run to my room besides…can we meet there? I’m 425. If you’re ok with that of course.”

“On my way!”

I walked two blocks to his hotel in the light rain, stepped into the elevator to go to floor four and barely knew what was going on around me as my mind raced with excitement. Spontaneous, slightly dangerous, definitely risky.

I knocked. He welcomed me in. Two neatly made double beds with a grey view of neighboring hotels and office buildings.

He sat on a chair, I sat on the bed, we played small talk. In a moment in between sentences, he looked me straight in the eye and then leaned over to run his hand over the inside of my right calf. I didn’t say a word. He stood up and took a step closer as his hand moved under my dress and onto my inner thigh.

I moved back slightly on the bed so he could sit next to me and his big, soft lips swallowed mine. His hand at the top of my thigh, thumb pressed up against the outside my panties. I could feel them starting to just slightly stick to my lips from the wetness on the other side.

He stopped and asked me to stand up and take off my dress. He turned me around to stare at my ass and legs. Asked me to take off my panties, sighed, then knelt down, grabbed both my ass cheeks and buried his face. It pushed me forward and my hands on to the bed.

He began stroking my pussy with his right thumb without removing his face.

He grabbed my hip, flipped me over and fully clothed began grinding his rock against my pussy moving his face to my neck. Buried, his breathing was frantic as we moved back and forth together.

I sat up and pulled his shirt off while he undid his pants and slid them off. I pulled him down on the bed to lie on his back and after biting his fat bottom lip grabbed his pecs with both hands and went right for his cock. I took the whole thing right into my mouth and slid it all the way down my throat.

As I came up, I wrapped my left hand around and took his head into my mouth. In rhythm I went down and up keeping my hand and my lips in contact for maximum coverage across his entire cock. Just enough pressure everywhere to feel the veins protruding and the skin sliding over the blood filled meat underneath.

It didn’t take him long either. He exploded into my mouth and I let the warm, white cum run out and over my hand. I sat up, glanced at the clock.

Fuck I have to get back…again!

Pulled myself and my clothes together, rushed the two blocks back to the conference.


“Thank you and you’re welcome.”

“When are you free again? I want to make out with all your lips.”

“That’s a tough call. I might get stuck here this afternoon. I just went to the bathroom and I was soaked! You made me crazy!”

“What made you soaked?”

“Grabbing on my ass with your face buried in it. I love hands on me. And watching it all in the mirror.”

“What about you? What turned you on so much?”

“Your amazing body. Your legs, how soft your ass is. Your tits look amazing. I can only imagine how great you taste.”

“I think I taste amazing. Another thing I love is to taste me on your lips.”

“I can make that happen. I know you’re sitting there wet as fuck right now. I want to lick it. I’m soooo hard right now. What time do you get out of the conf?”

“I have to go to this conf party, but shouldn’t be as late as I thought.”

“What time can you come over?”

“Kinda whenever I want, it’s a big open party…already talked to my biz partner and my client isn’t coming. When do you want me?”

One hour later…

“You don’t want me?? lol”

Five hours later…

“Been knocked out all fucking evening! You probably think I’m lying but seriously I just woke up.”

The next morning…

“No worries, I was asleep by 10:30.”

And with that Nashville flew home. My masturbation fantasy never materialized. Left with my own blue balls, but exceptionally fun first memories of Nashville.

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