Nashville: Part 1

For those of you who have overindulged in Nashville, you will understand that the title of this story does not need a subtitle. ‘What happens in Nashville’ is just as true. In this case, I will name my ‘what happens’ well, Nashville for simplicity’s sake.

Nashville was actually from Kansas City. He was a glass of dark chocolate – smooth, thick and sweet. Early 40s, closely trimmed dark hair and beard, full lips, nice tight little muscles, cologne and swagger.

I was there for several days for a conference with one of my culinary consulting clients. I met a few jovial attendees on the first day and as we were walking out at the end of the day they asked if I wanted to join them for a drink…or 12.

We started out at the hotel’s restaurant bar. Me, a younger engaged woman from San Diego, a nerdy, 30-something fast casual restaurant manager from Georgia and a heavy-set, mid-50s married restaurant consultant from Chicago.

After several rounds, we walked downtown to the main drag and bar hoped based on the group’s musical interests judging from the band’s style reverberating into the street. The Chicagoan was spending more and more time trying to get next to me as the night moved along.

We ended the evening at the typical dark, dirty, loud band Nashville bar. After grabbing our respective drinks of choice, the three of them went off to dance. I needed a break so slid onto a ripped black leather stool at the end of the bar toward the dance floor to stay close since those strangers were the only ones I knew.

Nashville came behind me, took a stool, leaned in to my ear and made his eye-rolling introduction of ‘Hey Gorgeous.’

But the near brush of his skin on mine, the weight of his breath in my ear and the smell of his cologne instantly piqued my interest.

I did not leave that stool nor his eyes for an hour. Our conversation flowed along with the strong, throat-stripping well liquor cocktails. Periodically, one of my new stranger friends would come and attempt to coax me off my butt to go dance.

He invited me back to his hotel. I politely declined not only because he was a newer stranger friend, but because I had to be at the conference at 7AM the next day and it was already after midnight. But I gave him my cell number before he departed.

I looked up and the only one left on the dance floor was the married restaurant consultant – now officially named Chicago. He was now dancing with a young, tipsy blonde.

I interrupted and asked him to share a cab stressing the keen desire not to make my way home alone at 1AM. I wasn’t staying at the conference hotel so he called two cars. We went outside to wait. It started raining. He pulled his large dark blue suit jacket over his head to cover mine. I thanked him and laughed nervously now being chest to chest together. I looked up at him and he moved in for a kiss. The first thought that flashed through my mind was what a cliche this night had become.

As the car pulled up, I pulled away from him and said good night.

Before I turned off the light to attempt 3 hours of sleep, Nashville texted.

“Maybe we can grab a drink today without any interruptions?”

I crashed hard, woke up, struggled but was successful at arriving at the conference on time.

“I’d like that but not sure when I can break away. I’m here with my biz partner and client for a conf, it goes until 10PM. And I went to bed at 3AM, going on 2 1/2 hours sleep, there is no way I’m going to make it all day! But OMG what I wouldn’t do to be in a squishy hotel bed with you right now!”

“You’re making me blush over here. I think you might get super weak if we were to cuddle. You’re sexy as hell! So what type of guys are you attracted to?”


“That’s right! Only if you knew what was beneath the surface you would probably go crazy.”

“Pls don’t tell me that you mean by beneath the surface is your dick, cause I need more story than that!!”

“Oh no, that’s not what I mean at all. I’m a very passionate, patient person. When are you free today?”

“Well not exactly sure of my timing, maybe 4-5PM, conf is at the Omni right down the street from you.”

“So I just might get to spoon with you lol.”

“You may indeed!”

“Well I’m at work now, 2 blocks away from my hotel. I can always get away though if you’re ever free with your gorgeous self.”

“Well they are in a session now until 10:30AM…”

“Are you free? Now?”

“Yeah, I could get away…”

“I have to run to my room besides…can we meet there? I’m 425.”

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