Irishman: The Sex Adviser

I matched with the Irishman on Tinder about a week ago. He actually lives 4,968 miles away in, well, Ireland some place. He’s planning to come to the Bay Area to scope it out this summer and then plans to move here late in the year.

6’1″, 27, fucking Irish!, fit – oh so fit, Celtic circular tattoo on his upper right chest, abs and arms oh my! – I think I said that part already but fuck!, works in insurance, plays golf – of course.

Friday morning for me, evening for him.

Hey I just got home from work. Heading over to a “friends” tonight. And well, I’m glad you think I’m sexy. So It ain’t just a one sided thing.

Ha! Have fun with your “friend”! LOL If you care to kiss and tell, please do.

At hers here. Watching some stupid movie. Not much to kiss n tell. LOL Yet…haha.

We’ll get to it! I want some stories!

All good things come to those who wait!


Tell me what you want me to do to her…If it was me and you now, tell me what you would want me to do to you and I will do it to her. Am in the toilet so be quick!

Oh gosh! I’d want you to run your hands over my tits up my neck, grip a little hard on my neck while kissing it and biting my jaw bone.

Then you’d come back down and suck on my nipples, still with a grip on my neck. Press your hard cock against my pussy with our clothes still on.

Speed my legs with yours and press in deeper. Push me back on the couch, press your mouth against my pussy over my panties while grabbing my thighs.

Then grabbing my ass.

Pull my panties aside and tease me with the light touch of your tongue. Push a couple of fingers inside me hard.

Eat me until I came.

Then fuck me hard and fast.

You have no idea how turned on I am right now and how hard I am…in my head I’ll be doing this all to you. Jeez…I’m sooo turned on right now.

Have fun! Go fuck her good! Stop talking to me and fuck her!

One hour later.

Adrienne….whaoooo. I made her cum before we even fucked and she cut the back of me. But I’ve never fucked as intensely as that before. She was so loud and asked me to call her daddy?? I’ve been fucking her since Christmas and tonight she just became someone else. It was fucking amazing!

Although I came a little early I’m still horny as fuck. Will definite be fucking again before we sleep.

Thanks for the full report…glad you had fun!

LOL…she just asked who I have been messaging all night.

Tell her your sex adviser from California! She should also thank me. I gave you all those ideas to please her…

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