Diamonds: Reunited

If you have been following the Diamonds series, you’ll know I’m not completely caught up to the present. I still have a few missing years to write about. Nevertheless, I’m going to skip ahead to this year and the time we spent together last month mostly so I don’t forget all the details.

It was the usual family visit. Flew back with Nerdie for the big New Year’s Day Bash at my sister’s. This year, or I should say last year, it was on December 30. Diamonds didn’t come to the party. He has lost touch with my brother-in-law over the years, but I think more so he was trying to be respectful to me, Nerdie and my family.

After a week on the East Coast, Nerdie flew back home. I stayed another three weeks awaiting several wine events at the end of the month before coming home. Over that time, I got to see Diamonds four times.

It finally felt like it used to. Connected.

You will know more about what that exactly means when I write about our time together in 2022. It was not very connected at all. In short, I had a boyfriend in California at the time, and he was not at all ok with Diamonds. It distracted my brain from being present with him. It had also been two years since I had seen Diamonds because of the pandemic. It was kind of funky and awkward. I look back with a bit of sadness that that time we had together then wasn’t the way it had been.

But I am so thankful we reunited and reconnected so well this year.

We made plans on a Saturday. I told my family I was going to hang out with some new wine buyers who happened to live in the area.

“I can’t wait to see you and touch you tomorrow.”

“I was thinking about that today u climbing on me and wrapping ur arms around my neck and me wrapping my arms around your body.”

“That will happen for sure 🙂 What story should I make up for tomorrow? lol”

“Tell them u need a chocolate cuddle. I wish I could squeeze you right now…and squeeze ur butt lol”

“On my way”

“Ok door is open sweetums”

I was eager and anxious to arrive. Just a 20 minute drive that seemed like eternity. I parked and walked up the flight of stairs to his condo, opened the door, and took a big inhale of his scent that permeated the living room.

I missed Diamonds. I felt a sense comfort and home.

His place was one I had been to for years. Great memories of hang out sessions previous. Sitting by the sliding glass door on low stools. Me wrapped in an afghan his sister made – blue and tan. A third stool holding the slice of pizza ashtray, pack of Parliaments, a lighter and our beverages – mine a hard iced tea, his tequila and ginger ale – with his black plastic tool box filled with his cannabis stash and smoking tools on the floor next to him. We would sit there for hours and hours talking, smoking, drinking and listening to music.

He came out out the master bedroom at the end of a long hallway. We locked eyes. Both of us with the widest smiles. I ran a few steps to him and threw my arms around his neck. Pulled back and then went in for a taste of those big, juicy lips. They were just as I had remembered them. Sweet, full, with passion.

We stepped back and just started laughing, so excited to see one another.

We moved everything in to place by the sliding glass door and fell right into a usual space. Made ourselves drinks and started smoking and talking.

He pulled one of my legs up onto his and started rubbing my calf, then my thigh. I leaned in for a kiss and it got heated quick.

“I want a taste of those pretty pink lips.”

He motioned to the L section of the couch with his head.

I stood up and took off my sweater, tank top and bra. He grabbed me while still seated and enveloped my entire left breast with his mouth then tickled my nipple with his tongue. His thick hands on my back pressing me into his face.

I stepped back and undid my belt buckle, button and zipper. Pulled my jeans to the floor and moved over to the couch.

I laid back keeping my ass at the edge of the cushion. He knelt in front of me, pulled my legs over his shoulder and went right in on my pussy.

I was so excited I knew it wasn’t going to take me long.

His full lips and the wetness of both his mouth and my pussy felt like a flood. I moved my hips in sync with his mouth. Spreading my legs as far open as they would go so he could get his tongue and lips right on my clit.

POV porn filled the back of my eye lids.

I was looking down while holding on to her hips. Pulling them back and forth while her pussy swallowed my hard cock. I slid in easily. The curve of her ass hitting my lower stomach. That clap got louder as I pumped faster.

I pulled out just with the tip remaining in so I could see my shiny, wet cock. As I started sliding it back in, I could feel my swollen clit ready to explode. My breath quickened. He was in the right spot. I could feel my orgasm coming up. Up. Up. Up.

I screamed out loud. “Fuckkkkkk!”

I wish he was ready to plunge into me, but he was still fully clothed. It was always his way to tease me. And himself. To wait until later to give me his cock.

As I came down, he pulled away and wiped his face. He was smiling and so was I. I missed that.

“I’m hungry!”

I cracked up laughing. “I thought you just ate!”

We went out for sushi. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. A few drinks, lots of laughs and food.

By the time we came back to his place it was dusk. We went right back to what we were doing when I arrived. Made drinks and started moving toward the stools by the door for a smoke. He asked Alexa to play some Chris Brown.

I told him I brought a few pieces he had bought me in previous years. A dark purple plum lace thong. I loved the way I looked in it. Hugging my hips. Sexy lace. Making all the purples in my tattoos pop. Also a little set he got me – dark pumpkin in color. Similar lace thong with flowers printed on it. Racer back top with a little push up and lace running along the bottom all the way around my ribs.

I modeled them both starting with the purple thong. I danced and twirled around watching myself in the living room mirror. Really not bad for 46. Those dimples on either side of my spin at my lower back are really sexy af. Perky little tits with big pink nipples. And a healthy, round, more than a handful of ass.

After I took the purple thong off, I hung it on the Christmas tree that was still up post-holiday. It blended in with the colorful, tightly packed decorations and bright lights.

Then I put on the orange set with a big soft hoodie over top that he gave me to stay warm by the open sliding glass door. I sat cross-legged on my stool with the afghan blanket.

After a few hours of drinking, smoking, talking, listening to music and periodic kisses and some groping, a sexy song came on. I stood up and took off the hoodie. Started accentuating my hips moving them side to side. Twirling around. Dancing back to him with my eyes locked to his.

I put my hands on his thighs and went in for a kiss. He put both of his big hands right on either ass cheek and squeezed so hard it made me fall into him. I straddled his legs and started grinding my pussy against his cock, which I could feel getting swollen under his pants.

As soon as I couldn’t take it any longer, I stood up without a word and walked down the hallway to the bedroom stripping off clothes along the way. I jumped on the bed perpendicular with my ass at the edge and my feet on the bed frame below.

He walked into the room already half undressed throwing his clothes wherever. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass further toward him so it was hanging off the bed slightly, then pushed right up on me and slid his cock in. It felt thick and hard.

He held my hips tight as he pumped me. His breath and moans got louder.

“Oh god!”

Faster still. His upper thighs clapped against my ass. I straightened my legs, ankles on either side of his face. He put his arms around them and kissed my ankle then held on to my thighs for leverage.

He slid in and out so easily. I felt my pussy dripping down my ass. I wish I had his POV then.

He made one long hard thrust and exploded.


His body started shaking and twitching, which shook me as he still had his arms wrapped around my legs.

He stiffened, squeezed my legs and then slowly pulled himself out. Collapsed on the bed next to me. Body still involuntarily twitching as he came down.

“Fuck that felt good.”

“I’m glad.” With a big satisfied grin on my face.

I turned over and pressed my body against his side. Ran my hand over his smooth wide chest. Kissed his cheek. He wrapped his arm under me and around my back pulling me closer.

We sat there quietly for some time. I felt so good. So reconnected. So close.

We eventually got up, picked up the clothes strewn across the floor and down the hallway, cleaned up in the bathroom and went back out to the living room.

Several more hours of drinking, smoking, talking and listening to music flew by. It was 11PM and I had to get back to my sister’s.

“I’m home babes.”

“Ok you were cutting it close lol.”

“You can call off the search party!”

“I was the search party sweetums!”

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