Diamonds: One Year Later…Where the Wild Things Are

A whole year went by in a flash, and before I knew it it was December and I was on a plane back to New Jersey. Diamonds and I had been texting all year long – as friends, as lovers.

There was a piece of me that missed him so much I craved him. During the year, when we were apart, we talked, but I knew I couldn’t see him so I tried to put my cravings on the shelf. As it was getting closer to December and my upcoming travel to New Jersey, my cravings were insatiable, without ending, just consuming my mind and body. I can hardly think of anything else but getting to him, even if it’s just to sit and talk, to steal a kiss, to look Diamonds in the eye.

The night before my sister’s annual New Year’s Day bash, I went to dinner with her and her family. Texting Diamonds all night trying to figure out how to see each other. I had only been on the ground in New Jersey for 24 hours, but couldn’t wait even 12 more hours until the party to see him.

Toward the end of dinner, I made my excuses about going to get a drink with an old high school friend, same sorry story as last year.

“Ok, I’m in the car. I’m sure they are talking up a storm now wondering where the hell I had to rush off to…haha!”

I waited in the parking lot of a shopping center. He pulled up next to me and I jumped in with him. Locked eyes and I instantaneously melted with the widest grin on my face.

The first kiss in a year sent shock waves through my pussy like someone hooked electricity to those lips.

We couldn’t stop talking, catching up, touching, smiling.

He drove to a restaurant a few towns over. It was about 10PM and the bar was packed. We squeezed in at two bar stools, so close my knee was in his upper thigh, which made it easy for him to rub my leg. Chills through my body. I felt like silly putty barely holding myself from liquifying and becoming a puddle under the bar stool. I hadn’t been this close to him for a year. The attraction was overwhelming.

We had a few Moscow Mules. I had a hard time concentrating on the words coming from his mouth. I just saw those big, soft lips moving wishing they were on my pussy. And I was getting lost in his eyes – just staring. I felt like a crazed teenager. Ragging hormones. Can’t stop thinking about sex.

It was getting late, so we went back to the car so he could drive me back to mine. But we couldn’t move. We just sat there, first talking, then quickly couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

He slid his hand down my jeans. No panties. Cupped my pussy then parted the lips with his fingers. Ran his index finger up and down and I got wetter. Pushed inside with his first two fingers. I slid down in the seat so he could get further in. He pulled his fingers out and put them straight in his mouth.

“Oh my god, you taste like a peach.”

My mind was blinded by sex, so turned on I was ready to fuck him in the car in the parking lot as stragglers from the restaurant came out to leave for the evening. Didn’t care, just wanted his cock in me as fast as possible. Right fucking now.

I looked up and there was no one around. I reached over to feel his cock over his pants. Hard as steel. I rubbed for a moment then unzipped and wrapped my mouth around his hard black dick. He released a piercing moan.

“Oh god, oh god….stop stop stop.”

I sat up. A waitress from the restaurant came out to the parking lot with something in her hand. She looked like she was walking toward us. She came to my side of the car and he put the window down.

“Is this your scarf?”

“No, but thanks for checking. Have a good night.”

“Ok, you too!”

Oh, fuck that was fun almost getting caught! I’m sure she thought she saw something.

“Why didn’t we just get a hotel room?”

“I thought we could have a few drinks and catch up. I didn’t think we wouldn’t be able to control ourselves! God, we are sex-crazed teenagers!”

“Indeed, let’s go find an empty parking lot!”

My wide grin displayed my agreement.

We drove around and eventually found a deserted shopping center that was dimly lit. We couldn’t see any cameras. He pulled closer to the back of one of the buildings where there was no light.

We just jumped right back in. He put his driver’s seat all the way back, pulled his jeans down to his mid-thigh, and I put my mouth right back on his cock. Moaning. Getting warm. Getting wet. I felt like an uncontrollable animal.

I took him close to the top. He stopped, moved over momentarily to the passenger seat. I slid into his place and maneuvered my boots and skinny jeans off.

He immediately got on me. My left foot pressed up against the top of the ceiling and the inside of the driver’s door. Steering wheel in his back. He dove fucking deep inside me.

Sliding in and out of a river of my wet pussy. Thrusting up and hard. Fast like animals fucking in the wild.

Breasts heaving into his face. Arms wrapped around him. Panting, moaning, rhythmically moving together even with no room to move.

He exploded inside me. Collapsed on my chest. I wasn’t done. I told him to move off.

I pressed my left leg against the driver’s side window, and gave him my right leg to hold in the passenger’s seat.

My clit was swollen. So wet my fingers were sliding off it. I dried it a bit with the side of my hand. I was so fucking horny I needed to cum so hard, so bad.

I held my lips open wide and rubbed my clit fast and frenetically. Him rubbing the inside of my thigh. Eyes closed. Picturing cock hammering a wet pussy. A long, hard, veiny shaft disappearing over and over again. Hard, fast slapping against an ample, round ass.

I arched my back and came. Screaming, yelling, cursing.

I fell back completely limp, laughing.

“That was fucking amazing to watch!”

“It was fucking amazing to do!”

We cleaned up a bit, got dressed and drove back to my parked car.

“I can’t wait to see you tomorrow at the party. I’m gonna have a big grin on face thinking about tonight. Our little sexy secret.”

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