Diamonds: Bar, Car, Good-Bye

I arrived back to my sister’s house at about midnight. She was waiting up for me to say good-bye because she was leaving on a business trip early the following morning. I put the key in the front door, and she opened it before I could unlock it. She gave me a kiss and a hug, and then I floated on a cloud to my bedroom.

What the fuck just happened in room 243?!?

I was flying back to Cali on Monday. How could I see him again?

I got into bed and before I could put my head to the pillow.

“I wish your sexiness was here.”

“What just happened? That was fucking amazing…everything. I need to see you again before I go. I’m having dinner with my step-mom tomorrow night, but I want to see you after that. I don’t care how late.”

“Tomorrow night then. I want you. You really are super sexy, my dear, so fucking sexy. Thank you for tonight.”

I could barely concentrate on anything that happened on Sunday. I went to church with my niece to watch my mom play the bells in the choir. I had a perfectly lovely, yet always terrible breakfast at the neighborhood diner following. I ran an errand with my brother-in-law. I had dinner with my step-mom.

Everyone sounded like the adults in Peanuts while my brain wondered.

Dreaming of him picking me up right off the floor into his big arms like I was a feather. Dreaming of his hands cascading over my ass cheeks back and forth. Dreaming of my legs wrapped around his calf, looking up and talking for hours. Dreaming of his cock sliding in an out of me with my legs straight up and his hands around my ankles.

I got to the dive bar down the street from my sister’s first. I got a beer and waited for him. He walked in looking and smelling amazing. I wanted to turn right around and take him back to 243.

Red, white and blue plaid button down. Dark jeans. Boots. Navy blue sweater. Charcoal flat cap.

As soon as he sat down, I wrapped my foot around his ankle and moved in close. We couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

We talked through two beers, and he said he couldn’t let me go home. I told him I wanted him so bad.

Last call. We went to the parking lot and sat in his car. The snow shoveled to the edges of the small parking lot. We talked, smoked, and watched a few young restaurant workers spill out of the back door.

Heavy making out lead to discussion of finding a motel. It was 1AM on a technically Monday morning.

I told him to drive down a side road. He was reluctant and nervous about the prospect.

We found a long dirt road leading to a boat launch.

I climbed over the passenger’s seat into the back and unglamorously, fidgeting back and forth, took off my skinny jeans. He exited the front car door and came in through the back.

He barely pushed his pants down enough before I grabbed his hard cock and pushed it into me. With my foot on the ceiling and his head buried in my neck, we fucked hard and fast.

I put my arms around his shoulders and grabbed the back of his head, pressing his body as tightly up against mine as I could.

I was so wet I could feel me run down my pussy and through my ass cheeks.

He jolted forward and came hard. Screamed out loud.

I woke up from the trance we were in. The windows were fogged, and we were both sweating despite the bitter winter cold outside.

“Oh my god, woman…”

I laughed. I left feeling like melted marshmallow.

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