Instead of using real or fake first names, I give each of my guys pet names that describe them. Denver, well lives there, but his entrance into my life is quite curious indeed.

47, 5’10”, 150 lbs, lots of outdoor bicycling, tight tight tight. Small build, but well-defined. Shaved bald owing to genetics and time elapsed. Wide grin, great teeth. Light fuzz but extremely well manicured. Def needed cause he’s half-Scottish.

I didn’t know until Denver that Tinder shows live distance from the person. He was visiting his mom in Marin when I swiped right on his Super Like.

We hit it off, furious convo back and forth. He grew up here, youngest of three boys, parents divorced after he finished college in Boston, upper middle class. In Denver 18 years, never married, engaged once, no kids. He taught history at a private school until a year ago. Now is taking time off to explore himself…and others.

Crazy, silly words were thrown out about me coming to Denver.

He sent me pictures from his drive back to Denver. And then when he got back to Denver of bike rides, Halloween costumes and new outfits.

We were texting every day about everything from the mundane to our own sexual exploits. We talked on the phone several times for an hour. Anyone who knows me well knows I abhor talking on the phone so this was something just short of a miracle.

One night we were talking on the phone as I lay on my bed after a seriously disappointing night with a second date. Note to self: with an understandable sample size of one, Asian guys have small dicks. Should have went with my gut on that that I’ve never been attracted to Asian guys. Thought I should try. Tried. Granted not a statistically significant sample size, but this isn’t science class.

I described what happened with the Asian (ok, that sounds racist, but I promise he’s only gonna be in this post and then vanish). Kissing and heavy petting on the bed. Big reveal of a small reveal. I gave him a blowie so it would be over fast and I could get rid of him.

I said to him after the despondency.

“I’m gonna be a guy right now and tell you I need to get up early to hit the gym.”

Actually true. I thought this would kill two birds of his physical exit and also an invitation to not text again ever. It pretty much worked.

I made some joke to Denver that well, in the end, I didn’t get my dishes cleaned. This has been our euphemism for orgasm ever since, and we keep each other pretty current on each others’ dishes.

It’s quite an interesting dynamic to be able to talk to a guy about other girls/guys and what happens on dates and in the bedroom. So informative!

Why did you like her or not? Did you sleep with her? Why or why not? What makes you attracted to someone? What did you do in bed with her? Who are you seeing today? What turns you on in bed?

And I share the same.

One day he texted after we exchanged last names and friended on FB.

“How do you know XYZ woman?”

“A gf.”

I replied. Hit send and put my thumbs in to overdrive.

“Do you remember Denver?”

I wrote to her.

“For sure! I don’t think I’ve seen him since high school tho. How did you stumble across him?”

“Tinder! He lives in Denver and has invited me to come visit him…”

“Well that’s fun! I have no idea what he’s like as an adult but I always liked him in high school :-)”

“Good to know! Thanks!”

“Hmm, ok so you have never met him?”

“No, just talked on the phone and checked out his story online from what he was telling me, checks out. He said he had a crush on you in hs ;)”

“Why do boys always tell you this 20 years later?! LOL No judging, but that’s a long way for a pretty gal like you to go for a little hook up…”

“Nah not a hook up, we’ve been talking about it, fwb with emphasis on the f, it’s a short cheap flight and he still has family in Marin.”

“Ahhh that’s kinda cute.”

“Going well so far, we both seem to be on the same page and are having some fun conversations, lots of similar interests and values…I booked my flight to go visit him Nov 11-14!”

And I did – first Tinder date across state lines! Here I come (cum?) Denver!

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