Denver: Toys

He made a reservation for brunch at one of the fancy restaurants on the first floor of the hotel. It was exceptionally warm for Denver in November and we enjoyed cocktails, eggs and the warm sun on our faces.

Afterward, he walked me around downtown for awhile. We popped into an old, local bar for a pint. We started sharing details about the other lovers we talked to each other about on the phone and over text. He showed me pictures of The Doctor, Sun Valley, and Salt Lake – all nicknames for the women in his life. I reciprocated with pictures of Nerdie, The Limey, Metro and The Texan.

We talked broadly about sexual activity with each. Who had we slept with. How was it. Was it going to continue. We sought advice about puzzling behavior.

Near the end of our beers and lazy morning out and about, I suggested heading back to the hotel room for a jump in the tub to relax.

He checked emails and texts while I filled the tub with hot water and bubbles so thick they overflowed. I jumped in and waited patiently with music and a glass of wine.

He joined me and we lay with our backs against opposite ends off the tub, legs flowing in and out of touch with each other under the bubbles.

Eventually our civil talk broke down and I threw bubbles at him. He reciprocated by grabbing me around the waist and pulling me close. We sat bodies intertwined, my legs on his with my pussy pressed against his lower abs and arms around each other while we continued to talk. This gave way to bouts of playful kissing, splashes of water, and an exchange of ass grabs.

Through the foreplay and joking, we literally got ourselves so hot we decided to leave the bath. We both grabbed towels, dried off with hast and began kissing on the bed his body pressed on mine on top of me.

He suddenly stopped and went to the living area. He came back with what looked like a old, hard leather briefcase. It was marked “Backgammon.”

He placed it on the long side table at the foot of the bed with his back to me. With an obscured view from his body I saw him unlock the case and unfold it on the table. I saw game pieces and was puzzled.

He turned, smiled and said, “I thought the best place to hide sex toys would be in a backgammon set!”

He moved away and I zeroed in on all sorts of shapes and colors laid in between the game pieces. He first picked up a pink rubber toy that had two soft prongs. He pressed the button at the end and it buzzed. He pressed again and it pulsed. Again and it buzzed faster.

He brought it to my pussy. The prongs were wide enough to pulse on either side of my clit. With little to no experience with toys, the feeling was strange and unfamiliar, but pleasurable.

After a moment, he moved the pink toy off me and brought in a small purple one the size and shape of a short cigarette. He turned it on to pulse slowly and handed it to me. He then went around and stood at the side of the bed where the top of my head lay. He pulled me to the edge so my head nearly hung off, and then pushed his hard cock into my mouth.

I sucked the tip erratically distracted by my new toy. I held it next to the right side of my clit so it vibrated my right lip and down the channel to my hole as well. Then moved the soft tip to directly massage my clit.

The need to call out my pleasure eventually stopped me from sucking him. He climbed over top of me and straddled me on his knees. His balls fell in front of my face and I took them gently in my mouth. He took the toy from my hand and slipped it inside me. It was narrow, but the reverberation from the pulsing cascaded throughout the inside of my pussy.

He handed the toy back to me and left briefly to put on a condom. He pushed himself inside me while I held the toy in place on my clit.

Fast and rhythmic thrusts gave way to his quick orgasm. He pulled out and laid to my side. He watched as I finished myself off with the tip of the toy on the right side of my clit. “Fuck…fuck…fuck,” I exclaimed loud and slow.

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