Denver: The Sexcapade Continues

I didn’t remember a thing after passing out from sex. No alarms were set. The black-out drapes were drawn. I awoke in darkness.

We stirred. Without a word, he moved closer to me under the blankets. Pressed his hard cock against my ass. His arm slipped around my waist so his hand could grasp my tit. His smooth chest against my back.

We started moving in rhythm with a heavy breathing accompaniment.

His hand moved from my tit down my waist over my right hip and down the length of my thigh. It paused there before sliding to the inside of my knee and then slowly back up my inner thigh. Fingers passed just lightly over my lips before grasping under my left hip and flipping me over to face him.

I pressed myself hard against him throwing my left arm around his shoulder and pulling hard against his back.

Mouths pressed together. Skin pressed together.

He jumped up to slip on a condom and when he returned, before he could position himself on top of me, I pushed him back to the bed. I lay on my back with him beside me on his left side. I moved my ass close to his hard cock and grabbed it with my right hand over my thigh.

I stared him straight in the eyes and began rubbing his tip down the length of my lips to my ass. Up and down slipping through my wetness.

Without any warning, on a trip back up from my ass, I thrust him into me. We both let out loud groans of pleasure. I moved in rhythm with him fast.

Then I gently pushed on his chest to slow him down.

I straddled my lips with my left index and middle fingers pulling them apart. Him still moving slowly inside me, I began rubbing my clit in tight circles on the outer right side.

I closed my eyes and pictured fucking. A couple both on their knees on the floor. His hands firmly grasping her hips on both sides from behind plunging into her. A close-up in my mind details a hard, veiny cock opening her pussy with his lower abs pressing up against her ass over and over and over.

The way her pussy swallows his cock again and again and the feeling of penetration in my own pussy brings me to a hard orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I call out.

I grab his hip to thrust into me harder and harder. My orgasm is plateauing and not coming down. I’m calling out loudly as my fingers curl around and nails dig into his ass.

His cock is slamming into me so far up I feel a mix of pleasure and pain. His coming voice is loud and guttural. We both slow together in rhythm with sighing quieting down. We lay there silent for a moment before he slips his cock from me.

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