Denver: The Sexcapade Begins

The hotel was rustic and cool. Big wood beams going through the living room area and the bathroom. King bed, big tub.

We basically just threw our bags down and got busy.

He pushed me onto the bed and straddled me. Hands are flying. Clothes are flying off.

He immediately moves to go down on me. Kissing my tits and belly while dragging his hands down my sides slowly over my ribs then waist then stopping at my hips. Grabbing on firmly.

He plants himself in between my thighs and licks, bites and sucks with enthusiasm. My back arches while my hips continually adjust to his tongue.

Leaving me at the brink, he stops and moves back up my body. First kissing my neck and sucking my ear lobes before pressing his open mouth against mine. I taste sweet.

He presses his hard cock against the length of my pussy, rubbing it up and down my dripping wet lips.

Pausing just a moment to sip on a condom, he returns and thrusts himself into me. I jerk back from the momentum as he rides me.

Chest against chest. Skin on skin. I grab his shoulders, his back, his ass, his hips.

He wraps his right hand around the back of my neck for leverage and fucks me harder still.

I push him to the side so I’m on my back and he’s on his left side entering me under my legs. I spread wide open and start masterbating. I push him out so just the tip is in. I slow down his rhythm.

With closed eyes and images of porn in my head, I climax hard yelling a long string of expletives. I immediately grab his ass with my right hand and push him into me hard.

He buries his face in the pillows and fucks hard and fast. My orgasm plateaus at the top and declines slowly.

He finishes with a series of muffled groans and hammer thrusts into my pussy.

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