Darling Nicky: Over a Barrel, Part II

“I love the idea of having sex at work. I’ve never done that before.”

“I’d be happy to devirginize you ;)”

“I was hoping you would. I’m so horny just thinking about it.”

“I was walking downtown yesterday and saw some long skirts for sale…bought one, wearing it today with a tank top.”

“Jesus…that’s exactly how I’ve pictured you so many times…”

Another series of months pass with some intermittent checking in and sexting. Finally, we arrange a date.

“Happy Thursday! I can’t wait to “host you for a tasting.”

I’ll do my best to do the wines justice and keep my hands off of you, but once you sit on the edge of the table in front of me and open your legs, then all bets will be off.”

“Leaving shortly…”

“Shit, my co-worker won’t leave at the moment…she’s working on a project, and doesn’t seem like she’s leaving soon…ahhh!

Can I buy you a glass of wine? Maybe we could come back to the winery in an hour or so.”

“Sounds good!”

We met at a tightly packed bar a few miles from his winery. When I sat to his right, I pulled up my long, black skirt to my knee and pushed my calf into his thigh.

We tried to talk about every day things, but it was obvious both of our minds were racing with anticipation. He took long, hard glances at me mid-sentence and just smiled. I could read the naughty thoughts on the back of his blue eyes.

After one drink, he called the winery to see if anyone would pick up. It went to voicemail.

He settled up, and we walked out to our cars.

“See you in a second.”

The three minute drive seemed like three days. I wanted to drive over every car in my path. Run every light. I felt my pussy lips pulsate. My panties clinging to their wetness.

I turned into the winery driveway. He buzzed me through the gate. I parked, walked past the stone fountain and opened the heavy glass door. He was there at a long table with that wide grin.

We made small talk about forgettable things.

He said he was going to set up in the barrel room. I went to the bathroom. My lips were slippery. I poofed up my hair, rubbed my hands, neck and inner thighs with vanilla-scented lotion and stepped outside.

He invited me into the barrel room. Through the large doors was a long heavy, wood table. Laid out were several red wine bottles and two glasses. He sat at the head of the table, and me to his right.

He talked about the wines. We drank.

I could suffer his mid-western politeness no longer. In the middle of his sentence, I stood up, moved the glasses and bottles to the side and pushed his right arm back from the table. He fell silent immediately.

I sat on the edge of the table in front of him with my long skirt draped over my knees. I bent down and put my hands on either side of face. Pulled him toward me and swallowed his face with my lips. He slid his arms over my skirt, up my legs and grabbed my ass with both hands.

I reached down and ran my open hand over his pants, over his rock-hard cock.

He pushed me back on the table, and as a lay down, he pulled my ass to the edge.

He ran his hands up my calves under my skirt, over my thighs, and with his right hand rubbed my pussy over my panties. I was so fucking horny, my back arched immediately with anticipation of his fingers…his cock…anything inside me.

He ran his finger down the side of my panties where they met my inner thigh. Up and down teasing the fuck out of me.

He pushed my skirt up to my waist, and then his finger under my panties. His finger slipped up and down between my lips. He pushed two fingers inside repeatedly. His movement quickened and his bent fingers pounded against the outside of my pussy.

He grabbed my ankles and put my feet up on the edge of the table.

He pushed my panties aside and jammed his tongue inside my pussy. Licking up and down, and inside. He pressed in to my clit with the tip of his tongue and made circles on it. My clit was swollen and each touch drove me crazy.

As he ate all of my juicy pussy, I could feel it combine with his saliva and slowly move down between my ass cheeks.

Without realizing it, I was moving away from him, flailing and wriggling around in pleasure.

He again grabbed my ass and pulled me to the edge of the table. In a fury, he got his pants down and thrust himself into me. Holding me on to him with his hands wrapped tightly around my hips and ass.

My back rubbing against the table. My hands on my tits. We were both screaming out.

He stopped and without a word pulled me up. My skirt fell back down.

He took my hand and moved me over toward a large wine barrel laid on its side.

He turned me around so my back was facing him. He pressed his chest to me, kissed my neck, and bent down to pull up my skirt.

He gently pressed my back to signal me to bend over the barrel. He pushed my skirt up over my waist, and pressed his face into my ass over my panties. Licked the outside of my pussy, and then slid my panties off.

I held on to the barrel with both hands when he plunged his rock into me again.

The barrel was cold, but his cock was warm and slipped easily in and out of me.

He grabbed on to my hips harder and harder. His thrusts faster and faster.

He dug his nails into my skin and with one last thrust came hard. Screaming.

He pulled out, and we gathered ourselves back together. I left for the evening just after dusk satisfied with my fun adventure even without my own orgasm. I was pleased to fulfill a few fantasies for him, and leave it at that.

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