Darling Nicky: Over a Barrel, Part I

Last year, I went through a brief cougar phase. Fuck, why not? Let’s see what these Millennials can do in the boudoir.

5’10”, a nice, white Minneapolis boy with a wide grin on a wide face, curly hair and beard. Works in the tasting room at a small winery. Just like for Prince, this Darling Nicky was gone after one funky time.

Met on Tinder then at a local bar. Cocktails, convo. Cute, genuine, loved that wide smile.

Walked him to his truck before I walked myself home.

“Thanks for meeting up, you’re an amazing kisser ;)”

“Lol, thanks! I enjoyed grabbing your hair and beard…”

“That was the best make out I’ve had in years. I liked you grabbing a handful of my cock.”

“You have a nice cock, thanks for inviting me to stroke it.”

“Consider it an open invitation.”

A month passes. He writes me to apologize that his life is all drama. (Eye roll emoji)

I casually extend an invitation to hang out again, but care little about the actual outcome.

I’m just not impressed with the Millennials. They have all that 20-something ooey, gooey growing up life mess all over them. Of course, I had it too when I was their age. The sky is falling at every turn. I think I’m an empathetic person, but for this I just don’t have the patience.

But then…

“I definitely had fun last time. I’ve thought about it a lot…”

” Really?? I’m glad I made such a good impression.”

“You certainly did! Sexy, charming, great conversation, great kisser…how could that not leave the best impression?”

FUCK! I am so simple I cannot resist the praise.

“Ha! Thanks, you’re a cutie! Well let me know when.”

“Maybe middle of next week? Honestly what I really want is to taste your pussy.”

“Perhaps a drink first?!?”

A month passes.

“Want to grab a drink tonight?”

A month passes.

“Hey! Sorry it’s so late. Would you want to grab a drink Wednesday or Thursday night?”

“Thinking about me in the middle of the night??”

“I might have been recounting our make out session.”

“I like the idea of you fantasizing about me.”

“Just so you know, since we met I’ve fantasized about you a lot.”

“Do you make up more to the story??”

“I do, I’ve thought of a couple different stories about you.”

“That’s exciting. Anything you’d care to share?”

“I’ve fantasized about that night going a little further. About you not just stroking me, but also taking me in your mouth, right there in the parking lot. And after that, you tell me how wet you are and how your house is just down the road…

And I come over so I can repay the favor and taste you.

After that night, you come and see me at work for a tasting, but it’s late on a Saturday and I’m the last one there. You’re wearing a tank top and long skirt. We’re tasting wine at the long wood table in the tasing room and then without warning you sit on the edge of the table in front of me and open your legs…”

“That’s pretty hot! And very doable if you want to make it reality.”

“I just felt a pulse surge through my cock. Damn, you are so sexy. I’m literally rock hard just thinking of you. I get this way every time I think about making out with you. I just wish I had had more time to feel your amazing pussy. I want to use my fingers to make you cum…

I’m glad you think coming in for a tasting at my winery and then having me taste you sounds hot. I’ve thought about it a lot as I’ve been cleaning up at the end of the day.

I want to bend you over a barrel and fuck you.”


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