Champion & Otter

I wrote an intro story about Champion last fall. This is a continuation to that story. Should you wish to read the first story, you may find it here.

It didn’t take long for Champion to find that contestant for an MMF and he set up a drinks date for the three of us in a small town midway between ours and his. It was an old school, frontier-themed establishment with lots of dark wood and Prohibition cocktails. I felt it was a perfect venue for alternative dates and sex conversations.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘Otter,’ it refers to a hairy gay man that has an athletic or slimmer build than a ‘Bear,’ which describes a larger, hairy gay man.

Champion found us an Otter.

He was in his late 30s, married and helping to raise a daughter from his husband’s previous relationship. Seemed to live a taken-care-of lifestyle as a teacher and husband to a high-powered PR exec. Tall, more on the muscular side of otter with an amazingly wide smile, great sense of humor and all that yummy chest hair I could see saying hello to me at the top of his button-down shirt.

Once at the bar, I sat in the middle. Champion was equally excited and nervous about taking this big first step on this particular item from his sex to-do list. Putting me between him and Otter created a safe, defensible space should he have some crazy freak out and need to run or bike away quickly.

Thankfully though we all hit it off immediately. Great, easy conversation about work, life, our primary relationships. I thought Otter was incredibly charming and super cute. I just hope Champion was thinking the same thing.

After 2-3 drinks and a few apps, they were both moving closer to me. Otter crossed his leg and his knee just barely rested up against the bottom of my right thigh. On the other side, Champion’s foot was playing a slow game of footsie with mine.

Then, Otter asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“So what do we think about a second date?”

I was an enthusiastic two-thumbs up so replied first – positively, but cautiously because I didn’t want to make Champion feel uncomfortable if he was a no deal.

“Yeah, I’d like to too,” was Champion’s response given with a little nervous smile.

Then we got to the good parts as I’m sure anyone nearby who overheard would agree – the how, what, when, and where of a second date.

Schedules would be the challenge with both of them having kids, but we decided to get a hotel room in another nearby town one late afternoon. The guys would split the charges and I’d bring some libations and snacks.

We started talking about what everyone felt comfortable with doing once together. Otter was extremely gracious and thoughtful understanding that this would be Champion’s first time with a man. I was up for nearly anything, but Champion wanted to keep it light with his rear activity. I expressed my interest in having everyone interact – that pile of body parts grabbing, kissing, sucking, groping I so desired. Champion said he was ok with all of that and even expressed interest in kissing Otter. I could barely wait! If I wasn’t wearing pants at that moment, my pussy would have been dripping on the bar floor I was so excited.

We agreed on a date and location and wrapped up our evening. As we all walked to the parking lot, we stopped to hug and say goodbye. Instead of a hug from Otter, I got his big, full lips planted on mine. They were so lush and the way he moved his mouth was amazing. We were in a sexy, wet rhythm. I also didn’t realize how much it would turn me on that Champion was watching. Otter grabbed the back of my head and pressed me further in to him.

The other guests leaving the bar must have thought it a strange scene for a woman to be making out with one man while a second watched. Really I hoped it turned them on as much as it did me!

Otter pulled away and we both smiled. Champion expressed his pleasure at watching and we all said good night and went back to our cars. Since Champion and I lived in the same town, he drove and when we got back to his car as soon as the doors closed, he leaned over, grabbed my face with both his hands and gave me a long, passionate kiss. I moved my hand over his thigh and gave a firm grab to the bulging cock under his pants.

On the back of my eyelids, in that moment, I saw the three of us in bed rolling around in a pile of fucking. I wish I could have fucked Champion in the back seat right then to relieve my sexual tension, but I was denied – not in the car where he shuttles his wife and kids. FUCK!

The several weeks until the hotel date seemed to drip by so slowly.

When the day finally arrived, Champion once again picked me up and we drove about 45 minutes to meet up with Otter. He was already in the room. I opened up some wine while we settled in and chit-chatted. Otter was playing to stay the night because his husband and step-daughter were out of town.

Once everyone felt a little lubricated mentally, Otter got up from the desk chair he was sitting in to come closer to me. Champion was already sitting on the other side of me on the bed.

It was summer and I was wearing a relatively short sundress that of course became shorter when I sat on the bed.

Otter leaned over me, pulled my chin up to turn my head toward him and he started giving me those amazing full, wet lips. Inspired, Champion ran his hand over my chest, under the dress and my bra and gave my left breast a big squeeze. He started kissing my neck then put his hand under the bottom of my dress and began rubbing my pussy over my panties.

All the sensations and hands on me were fucking hot. I was loving that they just took over me and were doing what they wanted.

Otter pushed me back on the bed, looked at Champion and they both leaned over and starting kissing right above me. Champion took a handful of Otter’s hairy pec. Otter took a handful of Champion’s cock and began stroking it.

I couldn’t help but start rubbing my clit while I watched this live gay porn scene unfold in front of me.

They stopped and turned all their focus on me. I was quickly being undressed from both ends. Otter was pulling my dress over my head and taking off my bra while Champion removed my panties. He spread my legs, pushed my knees up and went right in on my lips. Otter grabbed my tits and started kissing me again. At the same time, Champion reached up for a handful of Otter’s hard cock. I strained to see him stroke him from the corner of my eye.

After that it was hard to keep up with the frenzy of activity, but I felt like Goldi-cocks with a buffet in front of me.

At one point, Champion was fucking me while I was on my back. Otter came over and put his cock in my mouth. I loved the challenge of riding up and back while trying to keep Otter’s cock in.

Then Otter moved down and with Champion leaning over me pumping me back and forth, he put his cock in Champion’s mouth.

They got into a rhythm until Champion needed a break. Otter took his place, flipped me over on to all fours and was thrusting so hard I’m sure our hotel room neighbors could hear the slapping of his thighs against my ass.

Champion saw an opportunity and came around the bed and thrust his cock in my mouth. He paused his body and just let the rhythm of Otter pushing me forward and back take over. My moans of pleasure muffled by Champion deep in my mouth.

We did just about every configuration of them sucking each other, fucking me, me sucking them, everyone making out, groping bodies that came to anyone’s mind in the moment.

Otter then tapped out for a break and watched as I rode Champion – pushing off my knees to bob straight up and down on his cock. His breath quickened and got louder, which only inspired me to go faster and come down harder on his dick. I could hear Otter starting to stroke his own cock sitting in the desk chair across the room.

Champion’s whole body tensed and then explosively released. I bent down to give him a tender kiss on the neck before I moved my attention back to Otter. I went over, knelt on the floor in front of him and took his cock in my mouth while being sure that Champion, still lying spent on the bed, could watch my ass from behind.

After a few moments, Otter pulled me up and told me to get on the bed. He fucked me fast and hard missionary-style until he collapsed on my chest.

“I haven’t fucked a woman in over 20 years! That was amazing!”

“And I’ve never fucked a gay guy!”

We all burst out laughing. I felt lucky to have played that role.

Since Champion was more familiar with my body, Otter let him finish me off while he watched.

If someone had set a countdown, I doubt it would have made it from 30 to 0 before I came. What a fucking hot evening, I was stretched and dripping and exhausted and satisfied.

We all sat on the bed naked afterward chatting and drinking a celebratory glass of wine before Champion and I packed up and left Otter in the room for the night.

On our next 1:1 date, Champion told me that he had fun that night, but no desire for a repeat session. Damn! I got Otter’s What’s App number from Champion, but Otter and I never did connect on our own. It would have been such fun to be a gay guy’s fuck buddy.

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