California Dreamin’


I must be dreaming – I can’t believe this is actually my life! I’m doing food 100%, 24/7, all the time, every day, every second. I’m talking about it, eating it, cooking it. I’m learning about growing it, transporting it, and storing it. I’m meeting people who have trained for years, run big kitchens, started food companies, represented the United States in international food competitions, and won major food awards. I’m jumping out of my skin – I can hardly contain my excitement!

I can feel deep inside already that this experience will be life changing. I can’t wait to see how it will all unfold. Will launch into cookbooks? Will I start a food business? Will I have all my fingers at graduation? Will I teach food? Will I write for food? Could this site become a book? What will I do that I can’t even imagine now? Who will I meet? How am I ever going to sleep the next two years?!?

What an adventure! I’m so inspired! Everyone should be inspired by life, and if not, make some changes, take some risks no matter how large or small. Leaving a successful 15 year career to go to culinary school could be seen as a big risk, but I don’t see life as being that black and white. I could always go back and be a professional fundraiser – hell, my Certified Fund Raising Executive certification won’t even be expired before I’m done. Yes, I’m also giving up job security and earnings in a tough job market, but I’ll land on my feet, and I hope in an even better place professionally and mentally than I was a month ago.

It’s cliche, but I believe you can’t go wrong if you follow your passion. Last year when I was applying to CIA and going through the crazy what-ifs about changing my life so drastically, I randomly happened upon this amazing Ted Talk. You just need to watch the first four minutes. The speaker talks about a study done with people in hospice who shared regrets about their lives while they were literally laying on their deathbeds. Those four minutes changed my life and confirmed to me without any doubt that I needed to go to culinary school. I hope you’ll watch it and get inspired – too late for a New Year’s Resolution?!


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