Bon Vivant

You may have already guessed that I enjoy taking a little risk from time to time. I want memories at the end of my life, not dreams.

Bon Vivant (Bon for short) has the classic stupid wealthy, sexy af, 50-something look with one attribute that would manifest a WAP in a hot, wet second. Tall, fit, salt and pepper hair producted into a spikey point, black rimmed glasses, financial mogul…and fucking South African. Good lord accents making my pants fall off!

He’s a very kinky guy trapped in a boring sex marriage. Threesomes. Moresomes. Bondage. Gay Porn. Gang Bangs. Trans Porn. Anal. Guys sucking cock. Lingerie. Bi-Friendly. Big cocks. Muscular legs. And he wants his tongue over, on and in all of you.

He has a second home nearby, but primarily lives in SoCal. On one trip up north, we met for lunch at a local restaurant. I brought a few select vintages for him to try and explained my fantasy of having sex with a wine club member. The danger of combining business with pleasure was such a turn on. He readily complied.

It was the first covid summer and we sat outside on a hot afternoon. The backs of my legs got sweaty underneath my dress. I wanted him to shut up, bend me over the table and use his tongue to lick my legs clean, including my ass.

Our conversation connected immediately – international travel, soccer, wine, food, sex – some of my very favorite topics.

Despite it being broad daylight in his second home’s town, he walked me to my car and kissed me in the parking lot. His lips looked slim, but they were full in my mouth. When he had mentioned that he once fucked a woman on a first date in the parking lot up against his car, the feeling of his mouth on mine told me exactly how that would happen.

“Still thinking about that kiss.”

“You have amazing lips!”

“I need to taste your pussy.”

“It’s delicious I assure you. One of my fav things to do is kiss you after you make me cum with your mouth.”

The fall wine club shipment was announced about a month later, and instead of shipping we arranged for me to drop the wines off at Bon’s house in town. The problem was we only had about 30 minutes before his friends and wife would arrive home.

I drove up to a beautiful wine country house surrounded by vineyard. He came out and greeted me as I was walking up to the front door with the wines. We engaged in a little small talk. Thinking there wasn’t time for much more, I started to wrap up the conversation and make my way to the door.

Bon came behind me and pressed me up against the door. I felt the cold wall on my left cheek and his breath in my hair. His hand went down the back of my jeans and, with no panties on, directly over my ass. He started kissing my neck and reached further underneath to get his fingers on my pussy. It was already a slip n’ slid – wetness flowing, his fingers sliding in and out effortlessly.

He pressed into me harder, his concrete cock up against my ass, his chest against my back, and moved his fingers around to the front of my pants. He started teasing my clit. It was already swollen and sensitive. In my mind, I thought this was fucking hot, but I could count on no hands how many times I have come standing up. But he kept at it and it felt amazing.

I spread my legs slightly so he could get better access, and he did not stop applying firm pressure on the right side of my clit rubbing in circles. He grasped my neck with his left hand both for leverage and because he knew I enjoy being choked.

Bon knew exactly how to touch me without offering any direction.

I closed my eyes and my mind and body left the planet. After a few minutes, I could feel I was going to climax. I screamed, “Fuck! On my god, fuck!” My body started convulsing as I came.

I returned to the room. He pulled his hand out of my pants and licked his fingers. I immediately licked them too and then swallowed his lips with mine. I was so fucking turned on, I wanted to rip off both our pants and fuck him right on the entryway floor. But I hesitated since there wasn’t much time remaining and I wanted to respect his life.

He walk out of the room and came back with a wad of cash that he put down my shirt and into my bra. I smiled, thanked him, and quickly made my way out.

“Well that was my most favorite wine delivery ever.”

“Lol, me too!”

“I want more.”

“Yes, you do.”

“I love your pussy. I love how wet is gets.”

“I’m glad! You turn me on so that’s what you get…”

“I masturbated thinking about how wet your pussy was. You coming against the front door.”

That sexy wine delivery was more than two years ago. I have not seen Bon since, although we check in and sext from time to time. I don’t think either one of us will give up on our fantasy to fuck each other one day. When a freak meets a freak, they want what they want.

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