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I started this site in 2014 to writing about my experiences in culinary school. It has since evolved into writing about my experiences in the five categories you see to your right: Eat, Drink, Fuck, Love, Life.

EAT: Favorite recipes and old stories from my culinary school days.
DRINK: Stories about the fascinating people I meet hosting private wine tastings.
FUCK: True stories about my ENM sex life.
LOVE: All the feels.
LIVE: Experiences that have made me wiser.

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My goal in writing is to inspire you to action! I hope you will cook, apply a nugget of learning from someone else’s story (not necessarily mine) to your own life, masturbate, get busy with a partner, feel more connected to a sexual partner, relate to similar life experiences, find a new way of thinking, cry, laugh.

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You can also find me on Literotica as Miss Dyyna as well as Medium at https://lemonthatsdifferent.medium.com.

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Thanks for being here…read, leave comments, hopefully you enjoy and then share LTD with friends!

Miss Dyyna

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